Boma’s Services

Wellness Shopping

Boma shops for clients, going physically to stores or the market, where healthy food products or drinks are sold, and brings them to client, in the comfort of their home.  Clients are expected to pay Boma per hour for shopping these items and cover the delivery expense to their homes. To make engage Boma in this service send a request to

Supervisory Checks

These checks require Boma, working closely with clients to ensure they purchase or consume the right products. These types of sessions usually happen with clients who have finalized a week or monthly meal plan, or clients who only subscribed to counseling sessions and want to vet a particular product, drink or beverage, before purchasing or consuming for a fee. This service is for 15mins with a client.

Private Consultation

Boma specializes in weight loss, health maintenance, disease prevention, management, and reversal. She works with different categories of people, infants, youths, pregnant women to seniors, and with various health concerns and goals. Boma guides her clients into transition to a healthy, whole food, plant-based diet, to help them attain total wellness.

Cooking Classes

Boma organizes cooking classes for people who are interested in learning new healthy food recipes and cooking methods. She provides a fundamental guide to clients, to help them achieve preparing healthy meals that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. The sessions are 2 hours in a day and enrollments are announced periodically.


Through her health company Manna The Health Bar & Shop, Boma offers a variety of healthy catering services that are always a delight at weddings, birthday parties, bridal/baby showers,  corporate functions etc. Some of these includes Fresh fruit drinks and juices, pastries, desserts etc. To book Boma’s catering service click here

Wellness Talks

Boma regularly speaks at health and inspirational seminars, heath conferences, corporate wellness events, Universities, and for private groups. She also organizes wellness seminars; the recent one was the online wellness series, “Your Food & Your Health”. To book Boma for speaking engagements kindly send a booking request to

Live Performances

As a music artist, Boma performs at various events, including but not limited to the following: Weddings, Concerts, Corporate events, and Gospel events. To have Boma perform at your event, send request to

Production Collabs

Boma is open to collaborating with fellow artists who have similar musical inspirations and values as hers, irrespective of genre. If you’d like for her to feature in your upcoming Album, EP, or Single, send a request to

Be sure to follow her on social media, and you can also listen to her songs on Spotify and YouTube.