About Boma as a Nutritionist

Boma Harry is a certified nutritionist, wellness coach and wholefoods recipe creator. She holds a bachelor’s in media studies from, Swansea University and certificate in Nutrition. She believes healthy foods are essential to living well. Her journey into nutrition was inspired by the recovery of her dad from prostate cancer after a change in diet & engaging in exercises and consuming some supplements. Boma also suffered a health condition called PCOS for the greater part of her teenage and adult life but survived this condition by changing her diet and engaging in certain exercises.

Today, Boma counsels’ people with different health challenges and offers meal plans to help them regain their health.

Currently, Boma manages a healthy food company ‘Manna Foods & Drinks Company’ in Lagos, also a sister company to ‘Manna The Health Bar & Shop’ based in Port Harcourt, where people can enjoy having healthy snacks, desserts and fruit juices.

She runs a health vlog on her Youtube Channel showing people ways to prepare healthy food recipes and talks on the benefits of a healthy eating lifestyle.

Boma, aims to see every individual achieve optimal health, so asides her vlog, she organizes wellness events. The recent event was the online wellness series ‘’ Your Food & Your Health’’, from August 14th – October 8th, 2020, where she featured doctors, dieticians, and people who see nutrition as a plank to wellness.

Some other things Boma  actively does is speaking engagements, traveling, music production and singing, her focus is to help a wide variety of clients achieve their goals, and share her passion for healing and wellness through whole food, plant-based diet.

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