Mrs Oluwabukola Bosun-Akisanya

Where do i start from?
My scary movie started in 2006, sometime in June, I had this terrible pain which was initially sharp but graduated to a prolonged one anytime it was my mensural period.
I went for medical tests, doctors said *ovarian cysts*. The pain persisted every month with my menstrual days increase to 8 days until 2012,
when I was diagnosed of having Multiple Uterine Myomas (Fibroid) and eventually had surgery same year as advised by the gynecologist.

After surgery I was informed that everything will go back to normal after few months and it did. 6 months later, the pain resumed with heavy flow,
large clots with painful expulsion and 8 horrible days. 3 years ago, 2017 to be precise,  I went for another scan when I felt uncomfortable
with the pain and flow which had increased to 10 days of heavy bleeding, only to be told that the fibroids had grown back.
I was devastated not to mention that I had lost a lot of weight.
Sometime in June this year 2020 when I couldn’t bear the pain after another 10 horrifying days of heavy bleeding, not anywhere near stopping, I opened up to a friend, Joan about my condition and she referred me to Boma.
Our chat started June 28, 2020, emails were exchanged and an entirely different food plan was drawn for me by the nutritionist- Boma Harry. I was determined to prayerfully go all the way with this, boy, it was a herculean task.
The diet was strange to my system, I would feel faint before my next meal but I survived. Then I had to be honest with the meal, sticking only to what was prescribed was “oh my wow”!  I kept my nutritionist abreast every step of the way. My next period (July) came, still with pain, heavy bleeding, large clots and STILL 10 DAYS!!!  HAAAAAAAAA, this is trouble oh, so I thought. August flow still same  but reduced days. I told Boma, she said “please keep it up you’re doing well, I am proud of you.” She also said “don’t be in a hurry for the change, it will come”.
Then September, oh beautiful September, *NO PAIN !*
*NO CLOT !!*
I had to contain my excitement but couldn’t hold it for long.
It took two months to bring a turn around to what I had tried for about 15 plus years,  by just changing my diet and trusting God to help me stick to it. I am not yet there but there is a massive improvement in my health – no more tremors, i have gained a bit of weight and I can carry out my chores better now without so much assistance.
*You can also have that turn around for the best. All you need do is prayerfully stick to your meal plan, be sincere with yourself, make up your mind to get better and in no time everthing will be made perfect.*
Thank you Joan,
Thank you Boma,
Thank you Manna Health Bar & Shop